tech im using

Macbook Pro 2.2Ghz 8 core 8Gig Ram

Java. Python.

Learning: R, Lucene. Spark.


One thought on “tech im using

  1. I’m am IT Engineer, there is no point in testing via as it’s overseas and the path will vary and your chance of getting slow internet is high.
    Test using Telstraclear can offer a speed within NZ, after that it’s other circuits which come into play.
    I was getting 15mbps then rang Telstraclear who made some changes at their end which resulted in 30mbps. I got a phone call one night asking if I was happy with the service and I said yes but the speed is not what is quoted. The caller said ring support it shouldn’t be that way.
    Instead I investigated and made changes to my equiptment, $1000 later now I get, wait for it, 98mbps – 99 mbps at my workstation after going through a Router, Fileserver and 2 Switches. So look at your equipt and if your still having problems contact me on and I can assist you with checking your system. Even my Wireless speed has increased.

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