New year, new start!

After a long hiatus from blogging, mainly because I was a) too busy, and b) recovering from my “Xero is way overvalued” pick, I’m back! Xero has dropped way back from its $45 high, to about $16. I still suspect its overpriced, but its a crap-load easier to grow into $16 (or a $2billion market cap) than a $45 (5.5billion).

Anyway, more Xero and other coverage to come.

Big news, we’re moving back to Wellington. And buying a house. Buying a house seems difficult so far. I’ve emailed 12 real-estate agents, or more correctly, sent 12 emails to a number of real-estate agents. I’ve had… 2 replies. No auto-replies, just … nothing. Being a geek, that just seems rude. Or useless. Rudeless?

Real estate agents get a bad rap. So far, that seems pretty fair. So far, they could be replaced with an auto-responder that says “We have received your message and don’t care”.

New year, new start!

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