keyring is closed…

Hi guys, am getting a few posts about, the cool wellington sun exposure website I developed a while back. Basically works out whether your house gets sun based on terrain and time of the year. It was very cool, and got me through some patches where I was so bored I died (thanks to working at a bank).

Unfortunately, it was pretty resource intensive, and cost a bit to run. Servers are not hugely expensive, but it adds up over the years. And keyring was always a niche sort of product. And my first go at a standalone startup. Maybe I got the pricing wrong, but hardly anyone bought a report. Lots of people used the site, but not much in the way of money was generated.

So we’ve taken keyring down. The end. Which is a bit sad, because I thought keyring was super-cool, but you have to be pragmatic about these things!


Thanks to everyone who used it and sent me messages. Really do appreciate it! Now, busy working on, the bestest customer intelligence platform ever. Big business tools for little businesses.



keyring is closed…

6 thoughts on “keyring is closed…

  1. Shoot. It was very handy when hunting for property. Sad to see it go. If the base data doesn’t change too mcuh, maybe you can convert it to an iPhone / Android app….

  2. I still have all the code, but unless I find a cheaper way to host it or a better way to cover costs… 🙂
    An Iphone app might be a plan, but theres a lot of data that needs to be stored somewhere…

    Glad you liked it!

  3. Mel says:

    Damn – I had heard about the site too and it sounds perfect for house-hunting. and something I’d definitely pay for. Hope there is a way for it to be operable again in the future.

    1. Thanks Mel, unfortunately not many people were too keen on paying for it! Lots of use, but not much paying going on… 🙂

      But will see if theres a lower cost way to run it, since bits of Wellington can be pretty dodgy in the winter…

  4. dave says:

    Hi Greg .
    Keyring was great. so useful. i used it alot as a base for house hunting here in Wellington. So many people ask me about it as i would always talk about it. It would be great to see it back up again. If you were interested ive some ideas on how it could run in a more cost effective way that woudl bring money in. if you were interested i’d love a chat about it and the prospect of getting it up and running again. im sure i could help on those server costs. i have a few contacts 😉
    Maybe hear from you ?
    take care

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for that. The code all still exists, so it wouldnt be super difficult to bring it back up again, but would probably require a week or so. Im pretty flat out with, time is always the problem! But sure, happy to chat about it, drop me an email at greg at peoplemine co nz

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