Mac versus PC (or apple versus dell)

A quick one here since I was curiously (enviously) looking at the new macbook pros.

I just did a quick comparison of the price of a reasonably fully specced macbook pro, and a maxxed out dell alienware, and a more standard dell XPS 15 on their respective US websites, and the comparison was interesting:

Alienware Apple XPS 15
CPU CPU:2.13ghz quad core i7 2.2ghz i7 (win) 2.2ghz i7
Screen res 1600×900 1680×1050 1920×1080
Memory 4gb 4gb 4gb
HDD 500gb Sata 2 7200rpm 500gb Sata 7200 500gb Sata 7200
Vid Card ati radeon 5730(1gb) ati 6750m(1gb) and onboard (win) nvidia 525m(1gb)
Cost $2524US $2349US 1480US

So, the macbook is cheaper than the alienware. But the XPS 15 is much cheaper than both.

From what I understand, the macbook is 1/2kg lighter than the XPS15, which is intended much more as a desktop replacement than an actual portable. But anyway, if you’re buying a macbook, you need to justify another $1000US.

That wouldn’t be too much of an issue for me I don’t think, since $1000US is probably about 1c per hour I spend on my mac. I’ve never been happier with a laptop than my mac (owned dells and toshibas previously) and I find it stupidly productive. The OS is worth probably another say $500 to me, because I like unix, and the level of ‘proper’! software support, and weight is pretty important as well. And the simple magnetic power cord has saved my ass more than … a lot, because I like to leave my mac dangling on the edge of tables, tipping precariously with the power cord rigged as a trip wire to trap the unwary. Most often me.

But there you have it, a mac versus dell comparison!

Disclaimer, happy (mostly) macbook user, and apple stockholder.

Mac versus PC (or apple versus dell)

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