Michael Hill. Jeweller.

Greg Day. Part-time stock analyst.

Hmm, doesn’t really work. No panache. I don’t even really know what panache is, but I’m pretty sure my supply is low. Disclaimer up front, I own some Michael Hill shares, which I bought because they had been hammered during the financial crisis, so looked pretty cheap. And I liked what I read in Michael Hills book, Toughen Up. And the Michael Hill financial reports are amongst the best I’ve seen, very focussed on shareholders.

So, heres the  analysis I have just done. Its pretty basic, summarises everything (based on what you get from ValueLine.com), and performs a simple (so simple I probably got it all wrong) discounted cash flow valuation.

Summary, Michael Hill is pretty cheap right now. According to me.


Let me know what you think, or if you’re sick of reading about stocks!

Michael Hill. Jeweller.

One thought on “Michael Hill. Jeweller.

  1. Tim says:

    Nice work, keep it coming… You will be better for it posting this stuff on public forum, more feedback, and you will be more honest with your self

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