who wants to be an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is about accepting risk. Risk to succeed or fail, risk to make or lose money. That sort of thing. Its part of the territory. But theres other risks, that arent so obvious. Like risks to your sanity. My ongoing entrepreneurial activities regularly take me from quite high ‘highs’ to the opposite in a matter of minutes.

Like last week, had a good week visiting people and talking about Pronto, one of our new TXT messaging ventures. Really good response (its super cool), so was feeling pretty happy. A good couple of days, since enthusiasm begets enthusiasm!

And then, a brief interlude with our SMS gateway partner (they’re the people who give us access to the SMS txt network), where they basically told me that several intermittent problems were all because of my code. A few days later, they sort of admitted that their code is a bit dodgy. Does things like swallowing errors on  a regular basis. And then they told me that in order to help me out, they were resetting a whole lot of previous read (and processed) TXT messages and marking them as ‘unread’, so the system could process them again.

WTF?!?!?!?! Feeling my heart drop to the floor and then bounce up through my throat was an interesting, if somewhat unpleasant, and not recommended, experience. That would mean that every client of Pronto would be spammed, and worse, all their clients would also be spammed. But they wouldn’t know it was spam, so they would reply, generating even more spam, and everyone would get all confuses, and then pissed.  And then all the clients would have to apologise to all of their clients, and I would have to apologise to everyone. Thats a lot of apologising, and credibility falling like a rock with afterburners.

So from high to low, with not a lot of breathing time in between. When you’re doing your own thing in a business, often you’ll find theres a big fan, a big pile of shit and you, in that order. And sometimes the fan just turns on by itself.

Phew. Breath in, breath out. Relax. And don’t breath in when fan is on.

who wants to be an entrepreneur?

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