iPad rocks!

so, the iPad. Everyone has an opinion, and since I have an opinion on everything, even new technological tools I havent even seen, I should write a post.

My prediction: Another win for Apple, it might be a bit of a sleeper, like those damn commie agents during the cold war. Sure, theres things missing, namely a web-cam and a SD-card slot. These are the big omissions I think. And the geek boyz will whine about things like multitasking (lack of), and no flash. My responses, I couldn’t care less about multitasking, similarly to how I don’t care about multitasking on my iphone. Flash is rubbish, and its been in Apples sights for a while now. I think the iPad is the final nail in the coffin for Flash. RIP.

Version 2 of the iPad will solve all these issues (without the flash), and Apple will completely take over the sub-$1000NZD network market. The iPhone and iPad are computing done right, people are looking for simplicity and function, and Apple are the only company delivering at this point. Very nice.

Disclosure: I own Apple stock…

iPad rocks!

8 thoughts on “iPad rocks!

  1. Why i don’t want a iPad :
    iPad is so ugly !
    iPad doesn’t support flash !
    iPad doesn’t have camera !
    iPad doesn’t support multitasking !
    iPad have a 4/3 screen…

  2. Steve says:

    I love the idea of the iPad. Will wait till I get my hand on one without all the hype but I think it is a winner.

    Yep SD slot is missing and I think so is audio out and mic sockets.. Both a shame..

    With sound sockets ala above it would make a fabulous “video phone” using such tools as skype etc. And a fab portable recoding device for various uses.

    I would also like to have seen a USB socket so that other stuff can be connected but maybe the big socket on the “bottom” will allow that (yep I know it provides USB connection to a laptop for iTunes etc links)

    Hmm my concern is the price in New Zealand and also I think Vodafone here will get to greedy (as they already are) and the 3G pricing will be much higher than AT&T are offering in USA.

    Anyway time will tell just can’t wait to see and touch one.

    ps. will also make a great tool I think for wireless remote control of a mac or apple server..

  3. Eric says:

    I’ve seen this repeated on so many blog (etc.) posts I had to comment:

    Yes true, the iPad doesn’t have a SD Card or USB port built in but apple has an accessory pack with two little dongles that plug into the dock port that provide these. See here: http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/

    “Pad Camera Connection Kit
    The Camera Connection Kit gives you two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera. The Camera Connector lets you import your photos and videos to iPad using the camera’s USB cable. Or you can use the SD Card Reader to import photos and videos directly from the camera’s SD card.”

  4. Eric, yes, you can add dongle things, but I find dongle things on my macbook a pain. And I lose them. I think a SD reader should have been included since the photo capabilities are one of the big sells, ie, turns into a digital photo frame on the dock.

    After discussions, Im more ambivalent about the camera. Not sure I’d be keen to hold the iPad to keep a camera focussed on me so maybe a standalone,clip on, blue-tooth type device would be better. Maybe theres a market for a sexy, dongle collector dock thing!

    Steve, didnt know it was missing audio! Thats… odd. re: 3G, Im not really sure I care what vodafone do, since I can’t see too much use in the 3G version. 3G on iPhone is tragically slow so I don’t really notice if its expensive. Its just kinda rubbish, so I can see me using an iPad over wifi about 99% of the time.

    So, as a survey, can anyone see any reason to get a netbook over an iPad?

  5. The iPad seems like a really odd product to me. Apple fanboys will buy them… of course. But for a wider audience, I think there’s a decent probability that Apple screwed up here.

    Netbooks are mostly for reading webpages and writing emails and similar. For the writing part I like to have a physical keyboard, even a small one, so I’d take a netbook over an iPad for that. I don’t travel enough to want to do this, but I can see why some people do.

    For reading books, I don’t like LCD screens. The kindle had that eink, or what ever it’s called. When I’ve played with it was much nicer to read from. For the time being, I print out lots of papers and write on them with a pen. The kindle also has massive battery life. So I’d take a kindle for this purpose over an iPad, though the lack of colour in eink isn’t good for some research papers and the screen is too small. For novels it would be fine, but that use case doesn’t interest me.

    A growing number of guys at work have table PCs. The big plus is that they take notes, including drawing sketches of diagrams and graphs, during lectures. They then just save the files rather than have piles of bits of paper. They also get pdf’s of papers and write notes all over them digitally, and then save the annotated files. I find this kind of tempting… though I don’t want to own a second laptop just for this reason. If the iPad had a pen for this kind of note taking, then I’d be interested.

    At the moment, I don’t see the point in having an iPad.

  6. Shane: I still think this is a game-changing moment in computing. When you say “for a wider audience” it sounds like you’re thinking of people who use computers, to some degree, power users.

    Now, if you think about all the other (99.86% (always use 2 decimals so people think its accurate!)) of the population, those ones who want to surf the web, write emails, stuff around, play the occasional game, check out facebook, view their pictures, not have to worry about it being a computer and virus patches and installing stuff… the iPad is the only thing (other than smartphones) that can do that. Think about your mum 🙂

    I think the iPad is computing done right. For a lot of the stuff I do (ie… everything not programming), the iPad would be pretty sweet. I think the iPad is the end of the netbook/low end notebook, I can see everyone getting their mum one, and then realising just how cool it is.

  7. henare says:

    The ipad.

    Basically a well designed larger version of the iphone whose primary goal is to be a portable interactive magazine come media player come web device. If you look at it that way then it will probably do exactly what its supposed to.

    I don’t think the ipad (and iphone) are revolutionary rather than evolutionary although the latter is almost ubiquitous. The devices are causing a revolution by bring the touch interface to the masses and they are backed by a great online app store.

    There are somethings you are still going to want to use a largescreen display with keyboard and mouse, or tablet and pen. Note sure if it is a netbook killer as some people with real keyboard and mouse. I know I curse the iphones soft keyboard which is a horror for typing.

    Definitely one for the fanboys and the masses but if you a so called “hacker” or “geek” who wants more control over your computing experience then look somewhere else.

  8. @henare, thanks for the comment.
    I must admit, I am a bit surprised at how… natural the iPhone touch interface is. So I think that “whole touch interface to the masses” thing you mentioned is huge. Typing is a bit iffy, but its actually much better than I expected.

    Since I own apple stock, I’m really happy you said “definitely one for the fanboys and the MASSES”, since masses = $cash++

    but yeah, my feeling is this really is going to be an awesome device. Not awesome in what it does, and not even awesome in how it does it, but awesome in the sense that it makes sense for almost everyone you can imagine to have one, and the price point is low enough to make you consider buying it.

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