Iphone thoughts…

I finally bought a shiny new iphone 3gs, firmly cementing my apple fan boy status, to go my my macbook pro and multiple mac minis, and ipods.

I like apple products. The main reason I like them is you get a feeling that somewhere, someone actually cared about the users experience. Truly cared. We love you Steve!

To the Iphone! The iphone (is it IPhone, iphone, iPhone…?) is a nice piece of kit. My major concern, that I wouldnt be able to type on it as fast as on my treo 600 (with keyboard) proved to be groundless. The keyboard works really well, like the entire phone.

So its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even makes phone calls.

But the astonishing thing about the iphone for me is the the appstore. Buying games, music, getting pod-casts. Really, really easy, and cheap.

I have bought 3 games for the iphone. I hardly ever buy games, because I don’t play them that much, and they’re pretty expensive. So 3 games for me is a lot. Except, under the covers, something fundamental about the game (and software) industry has changed, through my shiny new iphone.

My 3 games cost me in total, $6.47. And… these games are … good. Nice graphics, gameplay, more or less what you’d expect on a console. $6.47 in total, less than I pay in parking in a week.

So, we have high quality games, selling for mm, over an order of magnitude difference. Why buy a PSP? or a Nintendo DS?
PSP – $328 average game costs $30-$80
Nintendo DS – $257 average game costs $40-$60

Sure, the games you get on a PSP/DS might be better. But… I don’t care. I rarely play games, almost never complete them, and only use them while waiting for flights (or pretending I’m not on a phone call when picked up by the cops for driving and talking! just kidding!). And I think there are many more people like me.

So the iPhone is great. But… I think sneakily, under the covers of the iPod (which is destined to die very soon), apple have scored a massive, major, world-changing win. iTunes, and the integration with the iPhone. People will start very soon to expect to pay $2.59NZ for a quality game. This I believe is the true game-changing power of the iPhone, and I think its an astonishing testament to apples vision. I know, I sound like I have “I (heart) SJ 4eva” tatooed on my chest. But when you think about the scope of the vision, that started with MacOSX, and the IPod, then iTunes, then the iPhone, all in order to make the apple products, and the app-store the easiest, cheapest way to get applications, redefining an acceptable price for software in the process, taking on Nokia and Sony and Nintendo and Microsoft and Dell and HP in spaces that those companies thought they owned, and had a massive head start in? whew. Thats ballsy. Will see what happens with google.

So my question is, why would you buy a blackberry/HTC/android phone when the iphone is the same price?

disclaimer: I own apple stock

Iphone thoughts…

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