Amazon, the power of scale.

I recently ordered some books from Amazon.
In the current situation, this should be a bad move, the NZ dollar is buying $0.64US, the amazon shipping charges are a significant component of the price, so why would I do that?

I bought 4 books that were recommended on the blog, from amazon, 56.73USD + $24.95 shipping. So, $132 NZD + how ever long it takes to get here.
I ordered on the 28th June, and it arrived on the 9th of July.

If I had bought those books in NZ from (a NZ online bookshop), it would have cost:
Rules of thumb: $50.58, 6-10 days
8 weeks to optimum health $34, 3-5 weeks
Science of influence $73, 10-12 days
Vagabonding $31, 24hours

Fishpond give free shipping on orders over $50, so ignoring that, total is: 188.58. And it probably would have taken significantly longer.

So its no contest. Amazon wins, from the other side of the world, hands down. Faster, and significantly cheaper. It really is an amazing service.

Amazon, the power of scale.

2 thoughts on “Amazon, the power of scale.

  1. In the comparison it is important to note a tax anomaly. Since the books you ordered from Amazon were below the threshold of $400 there is no GST applied by customs. However, the order from Fishpond will have GST applied. If GST was applied to the Amazon order it would increase it to $148.50. So still quite a bit cheaper, but worth noting that part of the saving is tax.

  2. Yes, good point. In either case, the difference is still pretty significant. It still blows me away that amazon can deliver books for far cheaper in under 2 weeks.

    Perhaps their next move would be localised print-on-demand service, so everyone can get a book 24hours after they order it. In any case, amazon is an awesome service.

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