An IQ test…

ok, so heres a little test.

You know how bacteria are dumb, and ants are smarter than bacteria, mice are smarter than ants, cats are smarter than mice, and dolphins and whales are meant to be even cleverer, and chimps and apes are pretty up there on the whole smarts thing right?

And right at the top of the heap is humans. The very top. Except that stupid guy and the drunk slapper you met at the pub the other night. Except them. But humans… we’re at the top. The peak of the intelligence scale. We’re all that. And a bit more.

Ok. Given that you’re so smart, heres a thought test….

Can you imagine, seriously imagine, something, smarter than you are? Not just a little bit smarter, like nerdy geeky guys, but a whole lot smarter? Like so smart, you can’t even begin to understand. You are to it, as cows are to us. That sort of difference.

Go on. Try.

keep trying. What would it be like?

And you can’t. Bet you. I can’t. I can imagine that such a thing would exist, but I can’t imagine how it would be. So, if such a thing were to turn up, what would we do?How would it be for us? To no longer be top of the heap, just somewhere a bit further down, with a vague realisation that there is something much greater out there, but not really having enough intelligence to work out much about it.

But… of course, no such thing will turn up. We’re the top of the heap, the pinnacle.  Yessiree, its great to be us. The top of the heap….

We are, arent we?

An IQ test…

2 thoughts on “An IQ test…

  1. I think you’ve nailed it. We cannot imagine something smarter than us because imagining is the end-point of our intelligence.

    Interesting thought. Maybe that will cause us some issues down the track. I’ll expand on this post a little later…

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