so like, I want to search for something on the net right, so I use google. Googles cool. It more or less gives me what I want. Yay google.

But. I live on the net right? Like, 24hrs a day (more or less, minus some beauty sleep time, which those who know me will know its amazingly effective!). And I use google for searching, maybe… 15minutes a day. And most of that time is spent looking through search results to find what I want. And I search for weird things in general.

so whats this thing about search? how come google is worth nearly 100billion dollars? because google make the best use of that time, those 15 minutes a day. I virtually never click on a google ad-word, and Im guessing you dont much either. but enough people do to earn them lots of money.

but the thing is, search is not what we want to do. We search when things are lost, when its not obvious where something is. Its the last stop on the “I wanna know” express, just before you jump off into “beats the crap outta me” junction, where no-one knows anything. I don’t want to search, I want to know.

How do we move from a ‘search’ paradigm to a ‘know’ paradigm? Or are we stuck with search? The answer is the next 100 billion dollar question!


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  1. Good question G! But surely you are precisely the kind of good-looking genius mastermind the world needs to take on that 100 billion dollar puzzler….? You’re not living on the internet for nothin, right?

    1. well, i would hope so… but its quite a problem coming up with a concept of the next-gen web… Im thinking along the lines of a ‘my-web’, which is where your web activity, interests etc are kind of automatically built, and then available to ‘friends’ who can quickly surf over what im doing and seeing, and move in closer if they want, or just move around… kinda like parallel universes… its an interesting thought problem!

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