so… what happens when?

in the world of IT, you get two different beasts. The first beast we all know, and don’t really love. Its the big corporation or government department,  big IT infrastructure, mainframes and legacy dating back decades, coupled with massive databases.

The second are the new players, lightweight technology, agile processes etc.

Now, its very difficult technically, and almost impossible politically for the first beast to morph into the second. Everyone thinks it should be done, everyone is tired of maintaining legacy Cobol or Linc or whatever code, and everyone is tired of shovelling coal into the gaping maw of an old mainframe. But… it never gets done. They might slap on a sexy front end, but under the covers… its the same ol’ pig.

Politically, its crazy. The only visible outcome should be things working exactly the same as they did before. Thats a tough sell! Technically, its difficult, because migrations always are, and you will almost certainly make things worse before they get to the original point.

So why do it? If the old systems are coping, why do it? There is only one reason, and thats to empower your company to embrace change. But can anyone get away with not changing these days? Banks, government departments, corporations, anyone? Whats your plan for change?

so… what happens when?

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