big numbers from apple

Apple just posted big numbers for its quarterly report (check out a commentary here). Basically driven by massive iphone sales, ipods going strong, and increasing mac sales. And they have 25 billion US in cash.

But… stock price has dropped about 50% in 4 weeks, so now might be a good time to buy. My mac experience? Well, its far from perfect. But, for me, it means I have two options when I buy another computer. 1. I buy another mac, or 2., I go with a linux variant.

Windows is dead to me now, the only thing that windows does better is play games. Pretty fascinating how a good OS with some quite good and well packaged (but not super fantabulous) hardware makes a much more compelling package than a windows machine.

The only weakness in Apple that I can see is the markets fascination with Steve Jobs. If he leaves, the market will punish Apple severely. Fine, the guy ressurrected the company from the ashes of hopelessness, but… if he is all that, what hes done is put together a great team, and Apple will go on.

And if hes not all that, the market shouldnt care. But, as you have all seen, the market is not the rational, perfect arbiter right wing economists would have you believe.

big numbers from apple

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