web 2.0, 3.0 etc…

its interesting watching the web 2.0 space. because barriers to entry are so low, there is a massive proliferation in pretty much anything you can imagine, all online, all free or low cost.

Which… makes life kinda complicated. More choice, 100 different apps doing more or less the same thing, all trying to tap into the (unwashed) masses. Whats the point? Why do I want 50 different logins for 50 different webapps, each offering some (normally pretty minor) advantage to my life?

It seems that, with few exceptions, all these apps are adding complication to a complicated life. You know how people say you only have space for about 12 good friends in your life…? Well, my guess is, you only have space for about 12 good apps in your life too. Everything else is going to be dealt with on a pretty superficial level, and most web apps demand more than that from you.

So… what? Well, my feeling is, there needs to be a move away from individual apps, to a more ‘lifestyle’ app. For example, 33percent lets you sort out your money. It does a really good job (IMHO!) but its just about money.

So, it deals with one aspect of my life. An aspect that causes a bit of pain, but just one aspect.

But… theres no reason that 33percent couldnt also integrate with a calendar (showing whats coming up, bills etc), and with a restaurant rating site (giving star reviews for restaurants that you have used), with invoicing software, with readingcinemas.co.nz for movie stuff, etc. And that calendar could integrate with other applications, which then integrate with another app, seemlessly.

Web 2.0 has been about user content and making apps that do one thing really well. Maybe web 3.0 should be about making apps that do one thing well integrate seemlessly with other apps that do one thing well, making a super-app that sorts your life. Oh, with user content of course. And an iphone on top!  😉

web 2.0, 3.0 etc…

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