its not about the (i)phone…

is it just me or is every massive cellphone behemoth failing to attack the iphone?

Apple have done it again. Its not about the hardware, its not even about the software. Its about how the software operates on the hardware. They are the same thing! Always have been, except those early days when people cared about what hardware you have. Its not about touch screens and cameras and sound stuff. Its about what cool apps you can run on your phone and how cool your phone runs them.

And, how easy it is to find and install them. Apple have that sorted because of itunes, buying and installing apps is simple. Finding cool ones? Wisdom of crowds.

How do you install an app on a nokia XYZZY? or a motorola mach 3? who knows? Who cares?

Apples sell computers because of the hardware/software bundle. What you get with a mac is pretty much all you need for a big chunk of the home situation (along with the cheap iworks bundle). What you get with any HP/Dell/etc/etc is generally a whole lot of bloat ware crap, along with windows that caters for… mm. approximately no situation you care about. And macs look cool.

Apple sells iphones the same way. They look and work cool, and you dont need to basically do anything. everything is easy. Want an app? Install itunes. Want music? Itunes. Anything else? itunes.

until there is a unified platform that allows you to install music/apps/photos etc on your nokia/motorola/et al, iphone will win. Its not about the phone.

its not about the (i)phone…

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