well, its been a while since my last post, been a tough few months. I’m blaming it on the Wellington winter, which has been… wet. Really wet. Like… “I’m going outside to start building an ark except its too wet to go outside” kinda wet.

I need to find more indoor activities that don’t involve working every second.

Anyway, the three projects I’m working on are ongoing. Getstaffed is picking up a bit of pace. I’ve been a bit disconnected recently, but Andrew has done a good job moving things along and I feel like my mojo is starting to come back! Yay! probably because I can sense spring… 🙂

33percent, the worlds (or new zealands!) finest money management software is working well. I just got notified by Westpac that they don’t release credit card details by automatic update, which is crap for 33percent. Every other account, no problems, just not credit cards. Dammit. I was hoping to get the full range of accounts on auto-download, but its the full range of accounts, except credit card accounts. But including BNZ credit card accounts. Bloody banks. So get a BNZ credit card.

In any case, its worth signing up to 33percent because it really is the best money type software around.

And keyring, wonderful keyring… is undergoing a facelift. I’ve had a lot of people using it, and some wonderful emails, and some mentioning a few things out of date, bus stops particularly, so I’ve organised a new import and will be putting that up in the next week or so. It makes no money of course, because I completely missed the boat on the business model, but… I’m still learning!

Speaking of learning, despite the lows of doing the “out on your own” entrepreneurship thing, I highly recommend it. Amazing learning experience. I know so much more about … well, almost everything now. Going from the giddy heights of IT architect in government organisations, where I knew everything, to now actually knowing everything… (go on, test me…. um….  battle of trafalger…. e=mc2, 34, holdens, the colour green. See? I know everything).

Its been a great journey so far. Missing a safety net sometimes, but very worthwhile. Im going to be getting a lot more structured in time planning, so I should be writing a lot more. Harass me if I don’t!


3 thoughts on “back…

  1. Kerry says:

    …and I thought it was the Olympics…

    So when will Wellington house prices bottom out?

    (that black MacBook put a bit of a dent in my embryotic house deposit – damn)

  2. mate, a macbook is better than a house! jump on to Second Life, you’ll get a sweet house for much cheaper than you think.
    Things get easier with a completely virtual existence.

    Wellington house prices bottoming out…? Hmm. Tough one. I imagine it will be in about a year, maybe a little bit less. Wellington generally has a pretty sound economy given the amount of govt spending here, so I doubt the drop will be dramatic.

    Indicators (ie, what I think) are that interest rates are under much less pressure, and the economy needs a bit of a boost, which may mean dropping interest rates, which could start a resurgence of the property market. I mean… where else are you going to put your money? Finance companies? The NZ share market…? Leave it in the bank?

    You could buy a mac pro with twin 30inch monitors I guess!

  3. Kerry says:

    I’d get a new bookshelf only I don’t have the wall space!!

    Can’t understand the kindle thing at all – I’d miss the tactile thing with books (music is different – iPods rock (I actually had a Rio 64MB MP3 player back in 1999: held 14 songs and was about the same size as an iPod but the weight of a cassette so I kept forgetting it was on my belt and kept smashing it against things))

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