show me the vision!

one thing I think about NZ is that its kinda meandering. I mean, at least the Captain of the Titanic said “Full steam ahead”, then *BANG*. NZ is a bit more like… “half ahead… slow… reverse…*BANG*… oops… turn… back… *BANG* oops. whys everyone leaving for the good ship Australia?”

NZ is a great place, and I’ve seen a little bit of the world to compare. But one thing that makes a country is a vision of where we are going, and a vision and plan of getting there. NZ doesn’t have that. Its in a funny stage between wanting to be Ireland, and wanting to be a socialist republic.

The Labour government has done, I think, a terrible job of providing vision. Labour supporters will of course tell me all the good things labour has done, and they will probably be right, but I don’t care. I want a vision! I want “full steam ahead, damn the torpedoes (or iceburgs)”. And Labour have never provided that.

And one phrase I hate, often used to describe what New Zealand is doing is… “fast follower”. Theres nothing technically wrong with being a ‘fast follower’. Lots of highly successful companies did it, think google, Microsoft etc. The problem is, ‘fast followers’ win by out innovating the original innovator. They do it, but better. “Fast follower” in NZs case is used to simply describe doing what other countries have done. No innovation, just following.

New Zealand needs innovation. We need a vision to innovate, a climate conducive to innovation, support for innovators. We have people out there, doing it, but in a piecemeal way. It needs to be culturally ingrained. To me, that is one of the best things a government here could do.

show me the vision!

One thought on “show me the vision!

  1. The entire population of New Zealand is just 4 million… the same as Rome (including its suburbs). Plus it’s in the middle of the ocean a million miles from anywhere. That’s big problem for sending good and doing deals. From Lugano I can be anywhere in the EU with a 3 hour flight maximum. Spend the day there. Do a deal. Fly home at the end of the day. 3 hours flight from Wellington and you’re still looking at the ocean.

    In New York or London you can probably meet a potential client with a big company that you might be able to do a deal with while having sushi at the restaurant down the street.

    How is New Zealand going to attract the best and brightest? I really don’t know.

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