Why we spend 100s of hours doing this…

An email I got about keyring.co.nz recently… 🙂

We are new to Wellington from Blenheim and I am amazed at the geographical difference. It seems everyone and their dog’s brother has an opinion about where to live and where to get the ‘best’ of Wellington. It seems, in our experience, absolutely no one agrees as to where this magical place actually exists. Your site is brilliant. It could do with a bit more of a personal feel in the prepared report and a log-in system but I understand this is probably a one-man band and it is a brilliant idea. I want to know why real estate agents don’t know about this? Keyring.co.nz should be printed onto magnets handed out by every single agent in Wellington. When an agent tells me it’s ‘great sun’ I want to know whether he’s bluffing or is telling the truth. The agents we’ve dealt with range from incredibly rude and abrasive and snarling for a sale to really kind workable people. Yet I still doubt what they tell me, even if they are nice. This site is amazing to someone so new to the region and I can email everyone and say, well this says you’re right/wrong/indifferent. More people need to see this site. It is fantastic and logical and backed by real data. Now we just have to buy the house!! Thank you all so much!

Why we spend 100s of hours doing this…

2 thoughts on “Why we spend 100s of hours doing this…

  1. Kerry says:

    What I’ve noticed is that there is a real Hutt vs Northern Suburbs (ie Jville/Tawa/…/TitahiBay/Paraparam/etc) divide amongst people in the greater Wellington area. People who grew up in the Nthrn Subs wouldn’t dream of even considering living in the Hutt, and vice versa. On a smaller scale there seems to be a flats vs hills divide in the Hutt, too. Funny how parochial people can be.

  2. yeah, its pretty odd, but wellington is one of those places where small amounts of distance can make a big difference to location. Sun, wind, travel times, slope can often vary widely because of a couple of hundred meters ‘as the crow flies’… the keyring desdex is meant to give an idea about the different variables, I should do a ‘heat’ map kinda thing for the wellington region, thatd be cool 🙂

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