Iphone, vodafone…

Everyone is complaining about IPhone pricing here in NZ. Vodafone have achieved the $199 price point, but only on a $250/month 2 year plan. Which pushes the cost of the phone to about $6000 all up. Ouch.

So everyone is rightly panning vodafone for corporate greed. But the fascinating thing to me is the complete undermining of vodafones brand image. You know, the hip, cool, new, not a traditional telco, up-with-the-play, trendy brand. How many millions would they have spent developing that brand?

And now, their pricing plans are showing a lack of foresight, a lack of imagination. Securing the IPhone was a big coup for VF, but they seem to have almost completely failed to capitalise on it. The iphone fits perfectly into their ‘hip/trendy/cool’ brand, but that impact seems to have been nullified by the pricing plan debacle. How much would it have cost to blow the market open, lowering data rates, making a data hungry device like the iphone attractive to everyone? Did anyone actually do those sums?

A perfect lesson in turning a PR coup into a disaster.

Iphone, vodafone…

2 thoughts on “Iphone, vodafone…

  1. From Swisscom it’s NZ $130 for the 8GB iPhone with an NZ $70/month 2 year contract. For just the phone with no contract it’s NZ $670.

    $6,000… man, you guys are SUCKERS!

  2. Yep, vodafone missed the boat here. Or… actually got on the boat (with their data-rate teasers), then jumped off the boat, swam back to shore, and then sunk the boat. Most people I know are waiting until it gets cracked, and parallel imported, and then they will use it on the vodafone network.

    The interesting thing for me is just how badly vodafone handled this. I guess its all about numbers to them, but in this tech age, most companies would leap at the chance to show a willingness to redefine their market. Not vodafone. All that “we’re so hip and cool” marketing is just rubbish.

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