more on bikes…

being a little annoyed at my brush with the thin blue line, and general sanctimoniousness of the police officer involved, particularly his assertions that there were large numbers of accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians, I began looking around.

I had a feeling that the numbers of these accidents were pretty few and far between, based on my own experience and the cyclists who I know, who are really considerate.

The best stats I found were in a report commissioned by LTSA ( They found that 7% of pedestrian accidents involved a cyclist, and 3% of cyclist accidents involved a pedestrian.

73% involved a motorvehicle (63% of pedestrian accidents involved a motorvehicle). 73% is a lot more than 3%, so I conclude that the Police Officer was exaggerating to strengthen his argument, which suggests his argument was pretty weak.

Why are cyclists treated like 2nd class citizens on roads? Why are we classified the same as a 2 tonne SUV when its absurd? We cause little harm, save petrol, are non-polluting. And yet Police do not reprimand drivers who act poorly towards cyclists, which we all see every day. Police are only active on behalf of cyclists when there has been an accident. 2 dead cyclists yesterday. Maybe we will see some changes.

more on bikes…

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