nuke the whales!

on stuff this morning, there was story about how 36pc of kiwis think nuclear power should be considered, but the government has ruled it out.

The study cites “environmental concerns” about existing forms of energy production as a motivator for using nuclear.

This is an interesting one. I’m somewhat opposed, but probably not for the reasons most people would guess.
My opposition stems from the fact that our need is not ultra-critical, and that the billions involved in building a reactor puts us forever on the fission path, with those billions heading straight overseas. I guess, deep down, I’m a believer in science, and the ability of people, when given the right incentives, to come up with all sorts of cool ways to produce energy. The first printed solar cells are being produced in the states and I think…

“We could either spend billions on a nuclear reactor, which would pretty much just head overseas, or… we could spend billions incentivising kiwis to research and develop cool ideas to solve the problem in a different and innovative way”.
Have some faith in our people! Put the money into a science/research fund, akin to the one proposed for agriculture (which is a huge part of the environmental problem). Encourage kids into science, make it possible for people to get wealthy with great ideas for alternative, better energy sources. Improvements to turbines, more efficient coal burning, I don’t know. There must be a zillion ideas out there that individually might cause efficiency gains of 1%, but collectively…?

Maybe this is a naive stance, but I’d hate to see NZ just jump on the nuclear bandwagon forever, without giving ourselves the opportunity and incentives to come up with a viable alternative, that may be an export boom.

nuke the whales!

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