the u curve…

I just competed in the silicon welly team in webstock mini, in the competition. Was a lot of fun, we had a pretty stirling team, the likes of Tim from PlanHQ, John and Dave from Ponoko, Clare from BookHabit, John from ProjectX, Phil from Xero, Tim from Silverstripe and me. Given that we kicked ass completely, it was no great surprise to learn that we lost, the vote going to audience participation, where cheers were made up mostly from the opposing team. Actually, that sounds a bit like the parliament debating chamber. Shy retiring types like me don’t stand a chance!

I had a play with a few way out ideas, but the one I (and everyone else!) liked the best was the U curve. Don’t ask about the viral marketing campaign. Or the Pete Hodgson pic. That still scares me. even thinking about it makes me shiver…

Basically, the U curve is the next level after the hockey stick revenue growth curve, for amazing businesses. Really special businesses. Businesses like google, but just heaps better. Businesses like ours.

Check it out. This is what web 3.0 businesses should be aiming for. Maybe not all at once. I don’t know what would happen then. Don’t blame me if the earth implodes or you suddenly wake up before you were born (with heaps more money!). And no, I can’t prove that the curve won’t become a spiral, as Sam Morgan suggested. That would be disastrous, as once the spiral tightened to a singularity, we would probably be punched through a wormhole into a parallel universe where…. never existed!. But fortunately, Im positive that if that happened, we would be able to avoid the disaster of not being able to trade second hand heaters, by the age-old, tried and tested formula of… a massive injection of sweet, liquid… capital.

the u curve…

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