the nz digital strategy, 2.0!

Dear Parents of the Government

I’m sorry to inform you, your child cannot do IT. He (or she, I was never sure with that haircut) cannot do it for himself. Every time he tried, he seemed to spend much more than expected, and come up with pretty bad solutions. Worse, he has no idea what is coming up, and worst of all, doesnt even understand things that have already happened.

But hes a good kid. He tries hard. Its just that for some things, quite a lot of things to be perfectly honest, hes just quite rubbish. So my advice is to take his computer off him, and give him some cars or something to play with. Hey, why don’t you get him to make some roads? Hes good at that! Maybe steer him away from playing doctor too. People seem to get quite sick around him.

That other kid, Rod Drury, hes got the broadband thing sorted, so maybe in the test, little government should just copy him. I know, its cheating, but… Its better than him failing, and honestly Mr and Mrs Government, your child is just hopeless at IT.

I mean, look at what little government wrote, I have it right here. I didnt want to give him a D, and he could still change it, but.. its looking pretty grim.

He didnt mention anything about helping other kids do cool things in garages, not force them to fund whatever themselves, then only give them funding once they have established they don’t really need it, like the little NZTE boy does.

He didnt mention incentivising people to do cool stuff, or at least removing the barriers. He could have talked about setting up funding for hosting, grants for kids doing cool stuff. Partnerships with manufacturers, helping people get things into a marketplace and letting the world know. He didnt have to write a lot about it, just mention a minor grant for IT geeks say 10K/year who can prove they can do cool stuff.

But he didnt. Didnt even think about it. Im sorry, its pretty evident he just doesnt get it. Hasnt a clue. I like the document though, its very glossy. And it is nice how he made his own webpage.

I guess it appears that little Government has no real future in IT. Just no aptitude at all. But theres plenty of other things he could do. Hes quite good at getting peoples lunch money, thats a skill!

Yours sincerely

A concerned teacher

the nz digital strategy, 2.0!

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