apple paid!

Yay! Finally! Apple paid me $265.78 for my airport extreme pile of junk. What a debacle. 5 months it took to get a refund. No “Im sorry”, “we value your custom”, “heres a $50 voucher because it took 5 #$%@ months!”.

Apart from the ever patient Anu at Apple customer support, Apple sucks. If you buy something from Apple, make sure you buy it from a retail shop (Im not sure if the apple retail shops are better, they don’t have them in NZ). DO NOT buy it from the apple web store. Under any circumstances. Its not cheaper, so theres no reason to. Just buy it from MagnumMac or Dick Smith, anyone but the Apple online store.

Good job Apple. $265 bucks took you five months, and probably $50 worth of phonecalls to my cellphone to sort. Why didn’t you just say “Sorry” and pay the money? Apple now appears like just another corporate.

Now that I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, what am I going to do with my $265 bucks?

apple paid!

6 thoughts on “apple paid!

  1. Vlad says:

    Congrats on at least getting the money back!

    >>what am I going to do with my $265 bucks?
    Is buying Apple shares out of question? 😉

  2. actually, i do have a few apple shares. I think their hardware/OS X combination is pretty unbeatable in the current scheme of things.

    With the price points dropping, windows struggling under the crush of having to support a billion hardware combinations, and places like Dick Smith and Noel Leeming selling apple stuff…. sounds pretty good.

    Their customer support seriously needs work, even from a concerned shareholder point of view. You cant waste 5 months sorting out one customer support call. Thats just crazy, crazy ridiculous!

  3. What was wrong with your Airport Extreme? I’ve got one too that I bought from Magnum Mac and it needs rebooting at least once a day to keep the internet connection alive. Sometimes the wireless network just disappears too. When I get time I’ll take it back to Magnum Mac, hope my experience will be better than yours.

  4. Hey Stuart,
    well, the biggest issue with the airport extreme is it is a complete lump of $#!+. The issues started with setting it up, you know the bit where u have to reboot it, which takes ages, and then doesnt reboot, so u have to pull the cord, and boot it up again which takes another ages. So troubleshooting is like pulling teeth. while simultaneously stabbing your eyeball with a rusty spoon.

    But the major issue I had was exactly the same as yours. Dropping internet connection, at just random times, but at least once a day. And the apple network just disappears. I feel for you, because you probably bought it to have a cool fast internet connection, and time machine, and maybe a wireless printer right?

    I’ve replaced it with a linksys wrt54g and its been smooth sailing. I talked to Magnum Mac about this, because I had to drop my Airport off there to get it picked up by apple. Ian (the manager) seemed pretty understanding. Good luck!

  5. I also had the first problem you described but a firmware update fixed that. Now I can perform an update and the Airport reboots itself properly. I don’t like how it has to do a reboot for even the smallest of changes. And yeah – the internet dropping is becoming a bigger problem all the time, at least twice a day now.

  6. all in all, i found the airport extreme to be a complete piece of junk. it didnt perform anywhere near as well as my 5 year old linksys-B router. and I think apple sucks a little for not allowing time machine over a normal network… now, I’ve just given up and use Amazon S3 for all my backups, just cron to some ruby scripts… currently costing about 8c/mth…

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