the ever shifting goalposts…

one of the things about startups is its about goals.

You have to achieve your goals. They can be written down, or just numbers that you know, number of people signing up, number of hits per day, number of people doing action X, etc.

But the thing with a startup, its like you’re walking to the top of a mountain, and every time you come to a flat bit, you think “that must be it!” only to see the peak of the mountain far in the distance. Startups are like that. Every goal is… significant, but not.

100 signups. Significant… but not.

500 signups. Significant… but not.

1st paying customer. Significant… but not.

10th paying customer. Significant… but not.

1st write up in main stream media. Significant… but not.

These are all significant milestones, great stuff, ra ra! but… not, at the same time. The clouds just cleared a little bit, which let us see the next set of hills that need to be climbed. And that is why startups need so much energy, because there is something hard about getting to the next hill, and realising you’re not close to the top yet. But then you know, just know, that a little bit more effort, will get you a lot closer.

Every entrepreneur has a little bit of Ed Hilary.

the ever shifting goalposts…

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