life as an risk taker..

what are the things you think when you hear the word “entrepreneur” ? For me, I think new inventions, business, wealth, deal making, selling etc. But now I am (trying) to be one, the word I associate most with entrepreneur is “risk”.

Merriam-webster online says “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise”. Risk is the defining characteristic of entrepreneurship. In my case, it is the risk of giving up lots of income for the pursuit of uncertain reward. The risk of spending lots of time providing something that may not fly. In the IT world, its relatively easy to start a website with little capital outlay (eg, a mac mini and a telstra cable connection a la But it is impossible to do it without committing a lot of time. And thats the risk.

keyring probably can’t be classified as entrepreneurial activity, since it was never intended to make lots of money. Of course, it would be great if it did, but it was intended as a site that people would use. There is something cool about making something that people use, even if they don’t pay you for it!

So I will continue to add to keyring, while working (risking!) on Im like every entrepreneur, hoping the risking will pay off in the long run. Its a very tough and uncertain road, and I see why people prefer the stability of paid employment. But for me, its such a fascinating road, I will continue down to see what lies around the next bend… of course.. another bend…

PS. Does anyone know anything about modelling wind? Something that would be cool in keyring… I have a few ideas, but if someone knows some cool wind modelling algorithmic stuff (some kind of simple fluid dynamics I guess?) drop me a line!

life as an risk taker..

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