keyring …

keyring will be going down today, as I shift the server. Hopefully up this afternoon, we will see how Telstra do!

Tommy Hepinstall of Tommys wrote a funny comment about Keyring, and more about me in his latest Tommys magazine. He was obviously upset with the slightly ‘anti real estate agent’ slant of the keyring article. His basic comment was that keyring was a great idea, but because I had suggested that real estate agents hold open homes in the middle of the day to maximise sun exposure, I was “(spoiling) my good work by becoming another real estate basher”.

I do happen to think that one of the primary considerations for open homes in the middle of the day is to maximise sun exposure. There are probably other considerations, as Tommy suggested, and I am sure agents to try and comply with the wishes of their clients (since they pay the bills). But it seems very logical to me to show a house at its best, and its best is generally not when its sitting in shadow.

In any case, it seems a pretty innocent opinion to have, and certainly didn’t intend to “bash” agents. I don’t think keyring is “spoiled” because of my having an opinion about agents. Keyring is solely intended to give more information to people looking at buying a house. It would be great if real estate agents used it, to show sun and busstops and supermarket locations etc. I wonder if they will…

keyring …

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