lessons of keyring

so its been a few weeks after keyrings public unveiling. so what have I learned?

1. mainstream media need a cool ‘hook’ to even be remotely interested. Preferably topical, and cool. Keyring got in because it is cool,obviously!, but also because it was about property, which everyone is interested in in NZ.

2. You don’t need massive hardware to serve websites. Keyring is pretty computationally expensive, performing a simple Sundex analysis on every click. On the biggest day, it had 748 visitors, most of whom had multiple clicks, and several very intensive reports. All this was running on a 1.66 GHz mac-mini over wireless broadband (the cables looked too ugly!). And it didnt miss a beat.

3. Following from 2, Java is not slow. Forget about that whole speed thing. This probably also translates to interpreted languages like Ruby, which is much slower than Java. I wouldnt write keyring in ruby, just because of the sundex stuff, but for general websites, read/update websites, Im sure ruby is fine. So unless you have some pretty intensive requirements, just choose the language you like best. And if it is a little slow, do some profiling, and just buy a bigger box.

4. People are still using the site. This amazes me, I kinda thought people would just forget about it after a while. Perhaps they will a bit later? I’m really not sure, but I guess I can play with ideas about marketing it some more.
Thats about it for now. I think its kinda cool that I made a site that quite a few people have used, from nothing.


lessons of keyring

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