keyring slopes…

have just released (well, a week or so ago), the slope profile image for keyring. Slope profiles are pretty cool, showing you a ‘3d’ model of the landscape around the point you clicked on.

It sprang out of me thinking about accessibility in Wellington, after receiving an email from a woman who wanted to know about wheel chair access. I knew I couldnt do anything specifically, but I could tell if the house was on a cliff or on flat ground. So the slope profile started.

One thing I find fascinating about keyring is the level of engagement from people. They instantly understand it, how to use it, and have suggestions on what could make it better. Traffic is not amazingly high  between 10 and 25 people per day, but fairly constant. I’ve had really good feedback about the system, so I will look at expanding, and of course move into the DesDex stuff! (Desirability Index – a conglomeration of factors that make up your personal desirability for an area…)

But to get wide coverage, mainstream media seems to be the place to go. Everything started after the DomPost article, which thankfully was free!

keyring slopes…

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