well, just had a story in Dominion Post (main wellington newspaper) about keyring. Kind of serendipitous, I met the journalist through getstaffed, and he thought keyring was a great idea.

lots of traffic, lots of good feedback, requests to expand to hamilton and auckland and queenstown, one guy wanted to give me $1000 to invest in the company, bless him, and basically nothing went wrong. even had a ring from Trademe Property who want to discuss options for keyring (which will happen friday, at the trademe offices, the google of wellington!). So been a pretty good day.

some days being a unpaid IT entrepreneur-wannabe is great!

And, to make the day even better, my accountant previously told me I had 12K of outstanding tax, which is most unlike me since I normally overpay, so I was a bit shocked (especially with a current income measured in startup stock, which is pretty, but hard to eat!). Then today, he says IRD have just told him I overpaid, so now I get a refund! Which is a little sad, to be so happy about getting back money that was already mine, but, i guess thats the way us humans are wired!
So I’m ecstatic! Thanks IRD!

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  1. Vlad says:

    Hey Greg. Congratulations mate! I was waiting for this story to show up. So how does it feel to be a celebrity? 😉
    Sounds like the response was even better than you expected and there’re some exciting times ahead for you.

  2. Thanks Vlad. Don’t know about celebrity, but there was a really positive response, so thats really good. People seem to find the site really useful, and lots of people from around the country asking when it will go to those cities…

    so very good response. now I just have to tidy up the bits of the site I’ve been meaning to tidy up and havent got around to, at the same time still working on getstaffed. Whaddaya mean Im not getting paid!?!

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