self promotion…

one thing we are struggling a little with with getstaffed is … how to get time in mainstream media.

We get tons of cool feedback, along the lines of “This is going to be great for business!”, “Fantastic, why hasnt someone else done this”…So there is obviously a lot of interest in the contractor and business communities (not govt depts though, those guys are hard work!).

We did have a story that was good to go in a main paper, but was pulled because… well, basically because the editor didn’t want to be seen giving publicity to rivals of the recruitment companies that spend so much for advertising in their newspaper.

It does appear a little odd that we are trying to get time in mainstream news sources, but… we’re not marketers, and we’re not quite sure how to get a wide exposure otherwise, for example to those companies who aren’t IT shops, but use IT contractors occasionally. Any ideas?

self promotion…

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