broadband in nz…

So im using my broadband at my place, telstraClear cable, 10mbps (theoretically), its pretty good, fast enough, nice for surfing and downloading. Not exactly ferrari broadband, but maybe say a V6 holden with some blocked cylinders. So Im blatting along the info superhighway, window down, right arm getting brown in the sun, pretty happy.

And then I head to my partners place. She has ‘broadband’ too, but this time, Telecoms DSL offering. Comparatively, its soooo slow. Ridiculously slow. Not broadband slow. Every now and again, I get good download times, but they are certainly in the minority. Its kinda like pushing a V6 Holden, and every now and again, theres a dip in the road and the ol’ holden starts to get up some speed, until the next hill.

Im not sure who to yell at. For all of you on Telecom (or anyone elses DSL offering) and who are in the Telstra cable area, you should get that. Just pray you never have to call help, because Telstra help is rubbish.

This situation is crazy.  Most of NZ is running broadband that is only marginally better than dialup. How can we be in the crazy situation of pushing our Holden when everyone else is on the superhighway blatting along? Actually that reminds me of a scene from Brasil, where I saw a 5 lane highway with a bazillion cars, and in the right lane was a donkey and cart. NZ broadband is the donkey and cart…

broadband in nz…

7 thoughts on “broadband in nz…

  1. Hey Kerry
    but wasnt that the case 5-10 years ago? dialup was fine for everything except…

    why can’t we stream video? Its not like its HD video coming in full screen right? Why cant we download movies in less than a week? it just seems pretty backward to me…. but telstra is pretty good, not sure if its out maungaraki way. Is anything out maungaraki way? where is maungaraki? 🙂

  2. Vlad says:

    Well, I haven’t tried Telstra, but I agree with Kerry. It’s not too bad up in Maungaraki (way better than on dialup). I suspect the speed is a function of more factors that just the provider (e.g. distance to the exchange, neighbours downloading movies with all their might, etc…) And no we don’t and probably won’t have Telstra up in the hills.
    BTW, Maungaraki is planned to be one of the first areas to get higher speeds as part of Telecom’s upgrades (up to impossibly high 2MBps up-speed I hear). So now that you’re deeply impressed, make sure you remember that name, as you will obviously want to move here as well.

  3. Kerry says:

    I think the main issue for me is international bandwidth rather than local – lets hope no submarine cables get cut – that and an old laptop (I’m waiting for Ubuntu Dells to reach NZ – can’t afford a Mac).

    Maungaraki is in the Western Hills of the Hutt Valley – between Korokoro and Normandale. Vodafone cell coverage is a bit patchy where I am, though I think that is the concrete reinforcing in the walls 😉

  4. Rubinski says:

    What was the problem with telstraclears helpdesk?
    Too long to get through or not knowledgeable or something else?
    I find that most helpdesks these days are fairly limited in the support they offer so if you need help with your wireless or home network you normally have to get a tech or a techie mate.

  5. Rubinski says:

    Oh yeah and I have telsra DSL in auckland and it runs at around 7mb/s so I am happy. It is all about the equipment in the TCNZ exchange I guess. My torrents run at 700KB/s international but I had to do some serious tinkering with my router to get it that way.

  6. Telstras helpdesk has an automated answerphone. It says “would you like help with…” but gives you no clues what you should say, until the end (minutes later). It basically gets confused on any response other than the one its expecting.

    But its not too bad. I just say “New service” whatever my problem is, because thats the fastest way to talk to someone. I have a problem with internet … “New service”. Telephone “New service”… 7mbs is pretty fast, I think I get about 3-4 on a good day. I might need an upgrade! particularly if Maungaraki gets faster internet. Can’t have the good side of the tracks (my side) being outdone by the bad!

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