getstaffed revisited…

I just realised I havent written about getstaffed for a while, which is a bit weird since thats what Im spending the majority of my time on.

getstaffed is going well. Its got more members than ever, and an increasing number of businesses who know about us and who have signed up. We’re not making heaps of money, but its a really interesting journey.

One of the things that I am finding difficult is prioritising my time. My thought patterns seem to go like this:

1. What should I do? Code? Sales stuff?

2. I like coding, is there anything cool to code? Stop Greg, you need to do sales stuff!

3. Im not so keen on sales stuff, but I spose… ring, ring. Answerphone. Oh well, I tried. Wheres that cool thing to code?

Sales is really hard, not so much because of convincing people to listen, but, because so many times you’ll hit an answerphone, and that just kinda stops my momentum. I am attempting to organise things a bit better via Highrise (from 37signals), and next week will be a great week! We are also trying to do more face-to-face stuff, which, although time consuming, I think is an essential step in any business relationship.

so at the very least, I am learning to better manage my time, when there is no one obvious thing to be done. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to do this are welcome!

getstaffed revisited…

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