digital information is free… get used to it.

there seems to be lots in the news at the moment about music piracy, movie piracy etc.

get over it. digital information is free. once its in the public domain, its free. Music is free, I occasionally buy itunes songs and dvds, but its hard to imagine anyone under 20 who have downloaded music their whole life suddenly spontaneously deciding to buy it. Music = free. Music companies? you need to understand this. The good ol’ days are gone, forever. Do something else.

Movies are similar. The interesting thing about movies is, the costs involved in producing are so high. Obviously ‘stars’ get paid way too much, but even dropping those figures, there are just so many people involved, the costs are enormous. But… movies are digital information, and digital information is (or will be) free.

So… movies need to make money at the box office. The box-office experience needs to be so compelling that people will pay to see it. And people like going to the movies.

But you movie and music people need to get used to the idea that information is free. Musicians will get paid for performing live. Movies get paid for box office performance. Thats it. Everyone can download your movie/music and listen to it for free forever and send it to whoever they like. And you should be happy, because its free publicity for your movie/music.

Now, if information is free… what about computer games? If you just have free downloads of those, wont the industry die? If computer games are free downloads, how does that industry make money? Online content (a la world of warcraft) is the obvious way to go. Or maybe the price point is so reasonable, the industry will survive.

digital information is free… get used to it.

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