Dilbert? Its a joke right?

I don’t quite follow, what is it about IT that makes Dilbert… not a funny cartoon, but a documentary of reality?


How come, you can be being paid $100/hour and ask for a $50 ram upgrade, so you don’t waste a zillion hours waiting for the OS to swap gigs? Why isnt it a … just something thats done? Why is this such a fight?

Why do developers get 17inch monitors, instead of 20inch or more? Why quibble over a couple of hundred bucks, when youre paying so much?

what is this mentality, and why does it still exist? we must be past this right?

Dilbert? Its a joke right?

2 thoughts on “Dilbert? Its a joke right?

  1. Shane Legg says:

    Simple: you’re overpaid coding monkeys. Service people. Yeah, it’s a skilled job, but at the end of the day you just play with computers. The people who actually have to run the company and make the hard decisions, they’re the managers, accountants, lawyers etc. You guys need to learn your place… and the fact that you’re way overpaid for what you really do.

    And don’t point to Bill Gates and all those computer billionaires. Because everybody knows that they’re really business people.

    So go back to your little monitor before we outsource your job to some dude in India who costs 10 times less and produces just as many lines of code.

  2. well, I would go back to my little monitor and spend all your money writing code, but Im waiting for my hard drive to swap so I guess I’ll just piss around on your time… maybe I’ll have a nap. I spose it will be a pretty expensive nap from your point of view, but since I have a gutless computer and you seem to be more concerned about the cost of putting in a $50 ram chip as opposed to the thousands of dollars I will cost for my nap, surfing internet, general stuffing around, that should be sweet right?

    I won’t ask for a pillow, I will supply my own. That way everyone is happy.

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