looking ahead…

since its coming to the end of the year, i guess its time to look ahead. Its something I get a kick out of doing, because we live in… such a fascinating, complex, amazing world, that is going to change so much in a few decades we can’t begin to imagine…

“scary exciting” is the phrase i coined for the future.

for example, just consider … printable solar cells. http://nanosolar.com/ is rolling out its first production run. Printable solar cells! Not expensive solar cells, but cells cheap enough to cover every roof. more energy, more cheaply than ever before.

industries are changing, and will change amazingly. The music industry is hurting under digital downloads, and I dont believe it will ever recover. musicians will go back to only being able to make money from performing, meaning… maybe the end to derivative, digitally enhanced music.

my friend shane (vetta.org) who is one of the smartest people I know, tells me to expect algorithmic trading of stock exchanges to go from its current ~40% to ~85% in a few years. Hes normally a bit ahead of the curve, so maybe a few years later, but… imagine. most of the worlds wealth being moved from place to place without much human input. As he said, we could have a stock market crash and only the machines would know why.

anyone seen crysis? amazing graphics and physics model. Amazing. but imagine crysis 2010. Any wonder that boys keep playing computer games? http://www.boysadrift.com/factors.php

massive social changes are underway, but coupled at the same time with simply enormous technological change. it must be impossible for a education system to cope, other than simply assuming that what was useful before will be useful again. but… when computers are cheaply available that can perform complicated maths in a fraction of the time a human could ever conceive… whats the point in learning calculus?

definitely scary exciting. i’ll probably write a bit more about this, as i get a bit of time off over xmas… merry christmas!

looking ahead…

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