apple support and glaciation…

I watched “an inconvenient truth” the other day. Where Al Gore talks about global warming etc. It was pretty good. But… I’ve found out where all the glaciers are going! They are being employed by apple support!

Apple finally agreed to refund me, and passed me on to the multi-tier glaciation brigade. I believe the purpose of this brigade is to delay refunding anything for long enough that inflation has rendered the amount worthless. Its a strategy I guess.

Apple seems to think that the customer is never right. And the customer should be punished for an Apple mistake. Which is a shame because I love my macbook pro.

apple support and glaciation…

2 thoughts on “apple support and glaciation…

  1. mm. its difficult, but theres no doubt the macbook is a great piece of kit. just pray nothing goes wrong! I have heard to be fair, that other companies have similar support regimes…

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