Apple customer support sucks!

got my replacement airport extreme… configuration problems. So… rang customer support…

went something like this:

me – ring ring

apple- press 2 for all other enquiries


(10 minutes later)

apple – hi, can I have ur name and number.

(short discussion)

apple- can I put you on hold, I’ll get back to you in 3 minutes…

me – thats fine…

(50 minutes and all the top 20 hits from the last 30 years later)

apple – hi Greg… I have XYZ here, he will help you.

me- grrr….

apple – Hi Greg. Can you turn off your modem and router…

me – I’ve had lots of problems with airport extreme and apple has been pretty poor with support….

apple – *hang up*

Yay Apple! Good effort, and thanks for turning this one time evangelist off completely.

Oh, and they say “We need your phone number so we can ring you back” – this is a lie.

Apple customer support sucks!

6 thoughts on “Apple customer support sucks!

  1. Bill says:

    I had a problem with Firefox locking up my system with a spinning ball, looking for a shared volume [basement computer] when opening some web pages [Comcast]. Apple told me that they ‘do not support Firefox’. When I told them that it did the same with Netscape, but admitted that Safari was OK, I got the same line. I suggested that it was a system problem if it did the same thing with an old and brand new browser, and told them that i though that it was looking for an app on the shared volume due to some preference. On hold 2 or 3 times with no suggestions for tech support, except ‘call back if it happens with Safari’. Later, I found two Real Player aliases in the app support library folder that I deleted to fix it. Thanks for nothing Apple support. I even gave you the answer, but I did not know that there were at least 3 libraries in varies places. I feel your pain dude.


  2. Yeah, apple tech support has to be the worst i have encountered. The wait times are amazing, then they seem to just want to get rid of you as quickly as humanly possible, meaning if it doesnt work, you need to ring and be put on hold for another 50 minutes for suggestion number 2…

    very very poor apple.

  3. Hi flintwall… I would agree with you, but each time I have rung apple support, I have either spoken to a person with a US accent or a person with an Indian accent, and each has confirmed that Im calling from NZ… So, Im guessing the problem is not just an NZ one…

  4. Don’t every try to get your money back from iTunes. I found an unauthorized charge against my credit card today. They told me to protest it through my bank. The other 2 unauthorized charges were quickly credited back to my card by the companies involved.

    I was reminded by the supercilious attitude shown in the current Apple ads by their spokesman, and now I have experienced it first hand.

    So, stay away from any apple purchases

  5. Matt says:

    They never respond to my emails about iTunes. Worst customer support on Earth. I love the touch but I avoid using iTunes on my computer as much as possible.

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