Birth of a salesman…

one of the things you have to do in a startup is… things you don’t really like to do!
and one of those things is trying to spread the word about

and… to do that, I need to ring up businesses and try and talk to their heads of HR, and sell getstaffed. Now, I’m much happier writing cool chunks of code and talking to fellow geeks. But… going back to my post about startups, if you need something done, in this case selling getstaffed… you don’t have many other options. You do it yourself.

So, the first few calls were pretty bad, lots of ‘ums’… which is kinda funny because Im normally pretty good at public speaking… telephones though, particularly cold calling, I found a bit intimidating. But… its getting better. I’m trying to do at least one cold call a day, and will be stepping up efforts over the next few weeks. I hope we will get interest, but at the very least, people will start to understand there is another way to recruit ICT staff.

I have new found respect for salespeople, its a tough job. Hopefully, I’ll step up!

Birth of a salesman…

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