been a little while since I have posted, have been trying to start getting in front of some businesses, and having some followup calls with businesses who have already joined.

Its really good talking to businesses, because they are often very enthusiastic about the concept of getstaffed. This energy, the enthusiasm, rubs off on me, which makes me more inclined to put more effort in… although I seem to be working all hours of the day, so maybe more effort is not ideal!

But its that energy thats so important, something I’ve mentioned is such a bonus with an agile methodology. And energy is vital, its good to have lots of energy yourself, but you need inputs of energy from others, your team, your clients etc., in order to replenish your stores when they get low. Enthusiasm is contagious, and I am thinking that an enthusiastic salesperson(s) might be a good addition to our team. Anyone know anyone? πŸ™‚

Make sure you replenish your energy! And not just with cans of red-bull!


3 thoughts on “energy!

  1. Falafulu Fisi says:


    You might be interested in the following documents:

    #1) An expert system for job matching of the unemployed

    #2) Development of Intelligent Job Matching System

    #3) Passive Profiling from Server Logs in an Online Recruitment Environment

    #4) Inferring Relevance Feedback from Server Logs: A Case Study in Online Recruitment

    #5) ANFIS: Adaptive-Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System

    I think that you might find WEKA useful if you develop any of the algorithms stated above. There is the instance-based learner algorithm available in WEKA for development of any CBR (cased-based-reasoning).

    The hybrid algorithm (neuro-fuzzy : hybrids of fuzzy logic and neural network) described in #1, one variant is the ANFIS (adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems) algorithm which is #5. I am developing ANFIS to be used in stock price rule-based analysis system.

    I think that with your background, you could develop a recruitment system with functionality that out compete the current established vendors (Job Seekers that the likes), because you see, your competitors are still using traditional conventional computing, and you & I know that these are inefficient. They might buy your business from you.


  2. Thanks mate, will have a look into those. I must admit in the rush to get things sorted, I havent had time to look at more, interesting topics like those.

    And we want to buy their business from them, not the other way round! πŸ™‚

  3. Falafulu Fisi says:

    And we want to buy their business from them, not the other way round!

    Go for it Greg! That is the business attitude that some of our entrepreneurs such as Rod Drury are trying inspire us all to follow. I like that too, just to get out there and explore and compete with the world, and as you say, gobble them (competitors) up too (ie, acquisition).

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