getstaffed or gutter…

now I’m back in Wellington, I’ve decided to have a 6 month break from my normal consulting gigs, to earn… no money.

Jumping right into the spirit of entrepreneurship, its time to see whether we can get to fly. is our contractor website; the single line explanation is that it is the meeting place for IT contractors who want to go direct to companies who want to hire direct. That is, without recruitment agencies or services companies in the middle. If you want to hire IT contractors, is the best and cheapest place to do it.

I’m in the middle (well, nearly finished), a re-architecture of the site, incorporating the things I have learned during the last 18 months working on and  33percent (my yet to be released simple accounting package). The major reason for the re-architecture is simplification, removing old code, and going to the facelets/JSF model, instead of the straight JSF model (non-geeks, thats the last geek thing in this post!). If anyones interested about the differences, drop me a line. Basically, just making things as simple as they can be.

The argument for getstaffed is pretty straightforward. There are enough expenses in IT development without paying recruitment fees if they don’t add value. So is the alternative, which hasn’t really existed previously. We’re at an exciting point, because we have quite a few contractors, and more and more businesses coming on board. So the next 6 months should be fun*.

But… I admit… the prospect of not earning any money over the next 6 months is… a little daunting, especially viewing the credit card bills after the trip. Its actually quite uncomfortable, and I guess that is one of the prices to pay for wanting to step outside mainstream jobs. On the plus side, it gives you considerable incentive to work to make your business profitable! As it says in “Think and Grow Rich”, burn your bridges.

I’ll be posting here about progress fairly regularly, now I’ve cut the chain and let go of that day job. Those things can really get in the way, so I encourage people to ditch them and join me in the gutter!

*if by fun I mean thousands of hours of work, earning no money. That kinda fun!

getstaffed or gutter…

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