keyring live! is now live! Keyring is my google maps mashup for Wellington. It basically came about because I was looking for a house to buy, but was a bit frustrated with the lack of simple information. And google maps API came along, and so I jumped on the bandwagon.

keyring is unique AFAIK, because it is a mashup of map with elevation data. Why? Well, I was driving up one of the streets in Wellington, and one side of the street was bathed in sun, and the other was in complete shade. And I like sun. So I was a bit worried when houses so close together could have a completely different chance of good sun.

Its all because Wellington is very hilly. So I decided to integrate elevation data with the map, so I could work out the sun projection, and whether or not the hills around the location would block the sun.

And it works pretty well. And it shows all the other stuff I wanted to know when buying a house, bus stops, school zones etc. Just stuff I wanted to see.
So thats the product, my first solo effort to produce a profitable website.  I havent ‘launched’ it officially, only through friends and emails. I am just waiting to see how it grows, and when I get back from overseas, will attempt to market it. I have no idea about how to market anything, so that should be interesting!

People think the obvious candidate for these sites are real estate agents. But… I have talked to some agents, and… its just not a good mix. Why? Because a site like keyring is about empowering buyers. Agents are only interested in the sellers, and keeping them happy. For example, a site that didnt get much sun wouldnt look great on keyring.

So maybe it can grow revenue from the sun reports (a bargain at $24.95! – it really is the only way to get that info), and possibly advertising if the public find the site useful. And thats all I’m really trying to do, rather than be profitable. Scratch my own itch, as 37signals said, and hopefully people will also appreciate having the itch scratched too.

check it out, and let me know what you think! (PS. if you want a free sundex report, use the discount code FREE_KEYRING. it’ll only work for one email, so either buy the next report or get busy with gmail 🙂

keyring live!

One thought on “keyring live!

  1. Kerry Nitz says:

    The alternative market to buyers is renters. They’d be interested in that sort of info – but not enough to pay $25 for it. The problem is that this is transactional information – you only want it when you are making a transaction, ie renting/buying, and these are relatively infrequent transactions (though possibly landlords might use it to justify a higher rent – there’s an idea for you). One way to turn it into a more community-style product which could generate more ad revenue would be to link it into a ratemyapartment site (cf ratemyteacher) where people could put into it info on past flats, verify the reality of the sun reports and add info on which rooms actually get the sun (landlords could put in comments on things noted by previous tenants that they’d fixed). Sort of thing trademe might be interested in down the track.

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