some people have been asking a bit more about my ‘entrepreneurship’ activities, so thought I would write some more details here.

I have a couple of projects I am working on, in order of time sequence…

  1. getstaffed.com Getstaffed is a contractor recruitment site, currently catering for IT, but with much grander plans. I am a partner, along with 2 others
  2. keyring.co.nz My google maps thing! I think most people go through a google maps thing at some stage! Keyring is… unique I think in the world, in that, sure, it shows maps and busses and supermarkets and schools and school zones… but… it also uses digital elevation model data to model sun exposure of a site. ie, any site in wellington, you can work out how much sun it will get in the middle of winter. I think its cool!
  3. 33percent is a site I wanted to make for a while, to scratch my own itch. Its not live yet, but it is intended to be kind of a xero for contractors like myself. Basically to enable me to sort my finances, work out how much GST I need to pay and do an income tax summary etc. Much less detailed than something like xero, but I (and people like me!) dont need bank recs and all that stuff.
  4. I’ll write a post about each of those, along with some lessons learned (a lot!) and questions pending (a whole heap!). In the meantime, if you are in IT, particularly developers, I think you should be doing your own project. The amount you learn simply by doing everything from start to finish far exceeds what you will learn (technically) in your job. Security, graphic design (I struggle!), all the database stuff, hosting, virtual servers etc.,etc. Its well worth the investment.


4 thoughts on “wannabe!

  1. Hey Greg,

    Just found this post on Technorati – sounds like we’ve got some similar interests – I’m also a wannabe entrepreneur and a bit of a geek 🙂

    Good luck with your ventures!


  2. Falafulu Fisi says:


    Is key-ring the same application as SMap ? It’s nice anyway. Have you considered moving the next stage into path finder optimization, such as mapping the short distance between ‘A’ and ‘B’ ? I could point you out to infos on algorithms that do those computations.

  3. Hi Falafulu,
    is that smaps.co.nz? keyring is a google maps app, not using the projectx api. I could have used the projectx one, but the google maps one just evolved a bit quicker (although I think the projectx one is faster).
    The cool thing about keyring is the use of the digital elevation model data to project sun exposure, which as far as I know, hasnt been done before.
    Its really useful in wellington, because its so hilly. I have been looking for a house, and one side of the street has heaps of sun, and the other has none! just because hills are blocking it. So keyring is my attempt to let people evaluate how much sun a property will get, all through the year.

    the next stage is doing some evaluation about distances between bus stops and supermarkets etc. And I am always interested in interesting algorithms so let me know!

  4. hi Condredge,

    saw your blog, sounds like an interesting proposition! good luck with that! 30 days is ambitious, but since im a developer, my projects are normally pretty involved! (all developers are masochists by nature)

    I’ll check in with you later, see how youre getting on. Good luck!

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