ok, been a bit slow on the blogs lately, trying to get my website going. but that seems to be pretty sorted now, and getting some useful feedback, so its more ranting…

2 years.

2 years is… the absolute maximum length of time for final delivery of an IT project.
Ah, I love making gross generalisations and treating them like facts*

Having a reasonable amount of experience in IT, I have a number of warning bells that go off every now and again.

This is one of them, any project thats schedules to go live over the 2 year mark. A year is good. Less is better. Over a year… be careful. Over 2 years, just dont do it.

What is my justification for this ‘fact’? Simple. Passion (you should check out my previous post on passion). Passion is energy, desire, animation, fervor, zest!

Good things, but… note those words are not passive. Passion is an active state, not a passive one. You don’t sit back and be passionate. Passion requires energy.

And… energy is not for free. People have a limited supply of energy. and therefore, a limited amount of passion. And 2 years is my observation on the supply of passion for most people, for most IT projects.

But wait (my blog always has naysayers!), theres lots of big projects that need to be done, and they take longer than 2 years! What can we do?

Be very careful. Break the project up into 1 year chunks. Simplify, simplify. Do those business rules need to be that complex? offer holiday breaks to staff. Remember, in IT, activity is not achievement, so you can pay people for holidays (including contractors) or you can pay them to achieve nothing at work, your call.

Somehow, you need to keep re-igniting passion if your project is longer than 2 years. otherwise, people will start leaving on you. Well, your best people that is, because they are the ones that throw their passion into your project.

I reiterate, passion is key to achieving in IT projects. Smaller projects, smaller teams, mean less energy is used up in administration and more is directed towards passion. and passion means achieving.

*As mentioned previously, a fact in this blog is something I made up. well, I probably plagarised it…


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