Are you agile?

Agile is cool!

every agile project I have worked on has been a lot of fun. The business has loved it, because they feel empowered, its been enjoyable for me because I got to talk to people instead of reading wads of (often poor) documentation. Things got sorted quickly.

So why isn’t everyone going Agile? There are lots of blogs and arguments about agile, but…

One of the biggest problems with Agile that is never acknowledged goes back to my previous point of companies liking to treat developers as interchangeable cogs.

I’ll put it in bold: Agile needs better people
its pretty simple. You need better people to go agile. Good people are hard to find.

So, the obvious question that people ask me: are the successes attributed to Agile because of the ‘agility’, or is it because you have better people? the question is not particularly interesting. Agile demands better people, although this fact* is not often acknowledged.

Through demanding a higher standard of developer, you will probably get a better outcome.

But, for all the naysayers, agile haters, etc., agile is not for every project. Its for projects where the business knows, but can’t articulate what they want. Or your BA cant get them to articulate it, or they don’t really know but will know what they don’t want as they see it. When the requirements are fuzzy, but something needs to be done.

And when your development team get along, and can talk to real people, and like collaborating. That is, when your development team rocks. And those are the projects you want to be on.

*’Fact’ in this blog refers to something I just made up… its pretty true though!

Are you agile?

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